Wanted! Digital Marketing Technologist

Digital Marketing Technologist

If you want to accelerate your career growth, you need to stop thinking about the day one stuff. Instead, think year one, and beyond.

For example, take this project we’re now working on. We went LIVE in Jan 2016, and we have exponential growth. We won’t stop there. We are now building an digital marketing team which will lead our B2C under marketing technology platform (unlike others). That’s the stuff that’s beyond year one.

If you’re interested, here’s what year one is all about. For a digital marketer, this is the stuff of dreams – making an acquisition.

  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign budgeting
  • Campaign analysis
  • Grow organic acquisition
  • Grow paid marketing acquistion
  • Identifies areas of improvement related to team work

Realistically, we need someone with Computer Science / Mathematics / Any quantitative fields (there’s a bunch of numbers & technology involved). Most important is a hands-on understanding of the online marketing industry. If you pull all this off, all the folks you’ll be working with will be thanking you when we achieve our targets.

While this is all of the year one and beyond stuff, Day one is pretty good too. These are things like the compensation, the company, the people, and the location. However, none of this matters unless “Year one and Beyond” make career sense for you.

Desired skills & Experience

If you can accomplish the above, you’ve got what it takes. Realistically though, if you have CS / Math degree, you’ll be able to accelerate your effectiveness and impact. Hands-on knowledge of the digital marketing industry is really important. If you have it, you know why. If you don’t ask someone who does, and if they think you can do the work, or they’ll help you through it, let’s talk anyway.

Contact: tommy.soependi@dekoruma.com

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